Assisting on Shin Tai/GV Spine

Shin Tai teaches a number of techniques that can be used according to the person’s priority of treatment at that moment.

The aim is to release tensions and past stress patterns in the whole body. In so doing, life force that was previously held within these areas of tightness or misalignment, can now be made available to use in the present time.

The result can be:

  • Feeling looser & lighter
  • A sense of spaciousness
  • Greater clarity
  • More energy
  • A sense of relief

Over time, people may make changes in their lifestyle, but perhaps more interesting is that the problems they once viewed as hardships or obstacles, no longer appear as such. This is where they can let go of old traumas or regret, and worry less about the future.

As part of the process of training to teach Shiatsu Shin Tai to beginner students at the British School of Shiatsu-Do (BSS-Do), I have spent 6 days assisting Kindy Kaur (MRSS T) on the Governing Vessel & Spine course in Nottingham.

I learned a lot by observing the process of students learning a new approach. Particularly the importance of giving space, being clear and trusting in the process.

For more information or to book a Shiatsu Shin tai session:

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