Embodied Breathwork

How would it be if you could breathe into more of yourself, perhaps revealing more light into areas that lie in shadow. Where are your blind spots that keep you from breaking old thought and behaviour patterns that no longer benefit you? 

Let’s meet to breathe into whatever is ready to be seen.


This is ‘Conscious Connected Breath’ – as we breath continuously through open mouth or the nose for 40 minutes, with no pause between the full inhale and effortless exhale. We breathe to music, which in tempo to support the practise. 

The session will last 75 minutes altogether, including a somatic movement ‘bit’ at the beginning, time at the end to integrate, and share your experience if you wish. We meet today on Zoom and I’ll be arranging in person events in future. 


By gradually activating the nervous system and then bringing it back to a relaxed (rest-digest) state of the parasympathetic, we have the opportunity to connect the body with stress patterns that may be stored from current or past experience, habitual thoughts or beliefs that have grown with us over time, sometimes as a result of past trauma that was unable to be fully processed at the time. 

Neuroscientists talk about it as “the body remembers – the body keeps the score” meaning our whole experience is held in our body and influences both what we think, how we feel and the decisions we take. 

By fully connecting with our breath, these can come up to be seen, processed and integrated into our bodymind, allowing us to release what is no longer useful and in doing so creating safety in the body, more space and light to become more fully yourself. It’s a precious tool you can use to support you in your daily life and with your transformational journey towards expansion and alignment.

My role is to hold the space, guide you to stay with the breath, to self-regulate during fight/flight/freeze states and to support you to embody emotional and mental reactions come up to be integrated. 

Some have said of my sessions: 

“Thanks again for a beautiful Breathe session. You led so well with clear guidance and instructions and I felt safe, spacious and at ease” D.O.

“It was my first one to one session and it was very special. Tracy [..] listened to all of my concerns. Her playlist and guidance made me enter a deep relaxation state which was a rather unique experience that I never managed to achieve” M.M

“This experience exceeded my expectations and aligned with my aspirations!! I feel a ‘brightness’ in my system and an easiness in my shoulders” K.W.