Introduction to Shiatsu Touch

You are invited to attend a workshop, which will explore Touch in the context of contact, dance and movement.

Through a series of movement and breath exercises, we will cultivate our own body awareness, sense our own Qi, and apply Shiatsu touch theory to our partner work, learning to give a relaxing treatment that you will be able to practice with your family and friends.

Using pressure, movement and stretches, Shiatsu is an energetic bodywork originally from Japan. Connecting with meridians (energy pathways), releasing tension and harmonizing the flow of fluids, breath and energy – so that the person’s own healing ability can switch on. In some ways, the work resembles physiotherapy, osteopathy or chiropractic techniques, although shiatsu will treat the whole body, on the emotional and mental level too. Shiatsu uses a special form of touch that helps this to happen.

Date:              15 May 2017

Time:              7pm – 10pm

Cost:              £40 per person

Address:      The British School of Shiatsu-Do

Unit 3 Thane Works

Thane Villas

Finsbury Park

N7 7NU

Booking:        To book your place email:

Bank details will then be sent to you for payment.