Japanese Facial Rejuvenation Massage

This Japanese Facial Rejuvenation Massage treatment for the face, head, neck and shoulders uses a combination of Acupressure points, Shiatsu techniques for the neck and shoulders and traditional oil massage.

The Natural Face Lift: Stimulate, Revitalise, Repair, Relax

To receive, it feels deeply relaxing, blissful in fact, and the effects reach much further, allowing the whole body to relax, unwind and detoxify.

Benefits include:

  • Tissue repair
  • Stimulation of facial nerves and skin cells – lifting the skin leaving it glowing and vibrant
  • Revitalizing collagen production – Reducing the appearance of wrinkles
  • Stimulates the flow of blood and lymph in the face – eliminating toxins
  • Relaxation of the facial muscles and of the jaw – letting go of tension in the whole body, stimulating your own capacity for self-healing

I use bio oil and rose water toner. The end of the treatment includes the use of a hot towel placed on the face to consolidate the deep relaxation and relax the fascia (connective tissue).

If a receiver would rather not use oil, I can use a dry cloth to work with acupressure points and can combine this treatment with a shiatsu treatment.

The Japanese Facial Rejuvenation session lasts one hour, and does include some work on the body and on the feet. It can be lengthened to include more specific bodywork treatment if required.

Ask about reductions for a package of 4 facials over 4 months.

Japanese Facial Rejuvenation Massage sessions are available at:

White Crane Clinic, Primrose Hill, NW1 8XE

New Southgate, N11

All bookings are handled by Tracy: Call 07974 437 449 or Email: tracykrikler@gmail.com