Tracy’s  role as facilitator, is to help you to have more ease, smoother flow and more movement in your body and mind.

Tracy aims to support you with what you are feeling is painful or stuck, stressed or depressed and help you find your capacity in yourself for making lasting changes.

Her influences and training include ….

Using pressure, movement and stretches, Shiatsu is an energetic bodywork originally from Japan. Relaxing the nervous system, connecting with meridians (energy pathways), releasing tension and harmonizing the flow of fluids, breath and energy – so that the body’s own healing ability can kick in. In some ways, the work resembles physiotherapy, osteopathy or chiropractic techniques, although shiatsu will treat the whole body, on the emotional and mental level too. When appropriate, I will recommend exercises for you to practice to support the treatment.

Shin Tai
An “evolution of Shiatsu” expanding on traditional Shiatsu, emphasising the flow of the Governing Vessel and Conception Vessel – the primary meridians from which the classical meridians develop.

This therapeutic bodywork helps clear your system of stress and compression, and naturally stimulates the flow of energy. Shiatsu Shin Tai aims to increase available life force, activating the body to align physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  This can release long held patterns of stress, allowing you to live life more fully, get motivated and be more creative.

Developed by Saul Goodman it offers a highly effective protocol of energy bodywork. For more information visit

Movement Shiatsu
Movement Shiatsu is a way of working interactively with the client to help them to become aware of their body and the resources it provides for living creatively, dealing with difficulties and forming relationships. Bodywork is used to bring awareness to un-integrated parts of the body and guided movement helps them to embody those areas. This work is especially useful for bringing about change in chronic physical or psychological patterns, overcoming addictions and emotional trauma. For more information visit

Teaching Inner Qi Gong
Inner Qi Gong is a gentle and flowing movement sequence. It uses yoga and bodywork to help you to experience the internal sensations and connections, so that when you practice Qi Gong, there is a clearer contact between the action and the intention. I have been training with Bill Palmer – founder of Movement Shiatsu – to teach this grounding and uplifting form.

Working with the menstrual cycle and fertility support

Working with the Extraordinary Vessels allows us to give more attuned support to female clients at different phases of their cycle whether or not they are trying to conceive, as well as  in the menopausal phase.

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