Here’s what my clients have to say about my services as a Shiatsu Massage Therapist

“The effect from yesterday’s facial was deep. Not only did my face feel energised but my entire body felt calmer the rest of the evening and into the night. I did get some sleep for the first time in what seemed like weeks of sleepless nights. This morning I feel more energetically engaged both with myself and life than I’ve been in months. Once again, bless your gifted soul Tracy.” Ana

“I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS in 2009 when I was 44 and this led me to start regular monthly Shiatsu treatments happily finding Tracy about 8 years ago. While I’m not very badly affected by MS at present my health is the main reason I originally sought out Shiatsu. Various life events have unfolded since and my partner sadly  has developed an aggressive from of young onset Parkinson’s. Shiatsu is also about helping me to remain strong physically and emotionally  in the face of this.

My Shiatsu treatments are an important space for physical and mental  retreat, restoration and renewal. There is always a noticeable positive impact on my whole body leaving me feeling rested, released and renewed. Sometimes Tracy pays particular attention to a specific area which is troubling me, carefully working alongside and in collaboration with my breath to release areas of muscular pain. I particularly value the sense of deep emotionally safety and holding reached during the treatments.

Tracy’s experience is manifest in her grounded, sensitive and responsive presence during the treatment and in conversations before and after. She brings her self to the treatment in a professional but very human and open way and always leaves me with something new to  think about.”


“I’ve been having regular Shiatsu treatment with Tracy Krikler for the past 9 years. The beneficial impact Shiatsu has had on me physically, mentally and emotionally became apparent from day one. It has been a great help in managing the debilitating effect of my ongoing insomnia and, as a 70 year old woman, supporting my aging process.

From the beginning my body’s trust in Tracy’s respectful, caring and skilful touch was obvious. She has deep respect for the Shiatsu wisdom and her own knowing and skills as well as for the person at the receiving end of her service. A combination that can only be beneficial.

Is a joy and a privilege to work with her.”

Ana X

“I was new to shiatsu before I met Tracy. I had just relocated to London and the stress of moving country was taking its toll. I was finding myself lacking energy and feeling overwhelmed. The first session with Tracy was a revelation – I entered a very deep place of relaxation. It was as if all the stress and tension was being extracted from my body and Tracy was guiding my body to find its own place of repair and balance. I walked out of the session feeling renewed, more vital and energetic. Tracy has a refined and intuitive touch and is a truly talented practitioner. I have maintained fortnightly sessions for the last few months and I believe I wouldn’t have managed with this level of change in my life without her healing support. She has wonderful and unique gift.”

Sandy Culkoff, London

“After a long period of emotional stress which had left me feeling depleted, lost, and depressed, I contacted Tracy for a shiatsu session.  I found her to be a quiet, still presence, who’s depth of experience was obvious as soon as she began my first treatment.  As I have continued to see her regularly, the low mood that had been my norm for a few years began to lift, and I found myself remembering, and reconnecting, with aspects of myself that I thought long gone.  After 5 months of fairly regular treatments I feel a renewed excitement for life, and my body feels free of many of the low level niggles and tensions that had accumulated during the preceding high stress years.  I would unreservedly recommend treatments with Tracy.”

Kathy Evans, London

“The ongoing benefits that shiatsu has been having on me and my life are profound and on various levels. It calms and grounds my body while giving me a sense of physical expansion. The effect on my general wellbeing of a long history of not sleeping well,  has been eased by the shiatsu. I have not allowed it to worry me in the same way and now I can get on and do so much more in my life. My self-awareness and confidence have also deepened.

I find Tracy’s approach consistently respectful, professional and knowledgeable. She is a good listener, intuitive, caring and helpful. Last by not least, she has a good sense of humour, which in my view, always helps.”

Ana Garcia, London

“I found Tracy to be extremely intuitive in her gentle and caring sessions. Tracy assisted me greatly in my physical and holistic recovery after a serious illness. Unable to move much and use my body and brain as i used to, her approach offered me relief of aches and pains, and for weeks it was the only form of physical movement i had. She listened to me and worked with me to help me during my recovery journey. I can’t recommend Tracy enough. She is more than just a shiatsu practitioner, truly gifted”   


“Clear and confident diagnosis and excellent treatment.  Thank you, Tracy”


“The lady who gave me the massage at [Shambala Festival] was amazing, I had a back problem for a while and her massage completely removed the problem, which for me was mind blowing. I would very much like to contact this lady, to thank her and because I would like to recommend her but I left the festival without taking her details (because I didn’t realise the positive impact she had)”

Letter to Shambala from …  Tara Dawn,  Kew

“I greatly enjoy and take great benefit from the Shiatsu sessions with Tracy. She is a highly skilled practitioner and I have found them invaluable in helping me cope with a particularly stressful period in my life. As well as her shiatsu skills, her calm personality and willingness to listen means we have been able to focus effectively on a whole range of issues and as such all the sessions have been hugely rewarding.”

Paul Entwistle, Director of Music Merchandise Company

“I commenced my treatment with Tracy because I had stiffness and discomfort in my back that impacted on the right side of my body and caused me to have pain in my hip, neck and right arm. After a few sessions (3-4) I felt that my back became more relaxed and the discomfort in my neck and right arm was  alleviated. I continued with the treatments to achieve full recovery and continue to notice increased improvements in my condition. Tracy is a highly intuitive person and this allows her to go to the source of the condition. She was very supportive during my treatments and encouraged me to trust in my body’s ability to heal and was always able to put me in the right direction which I believe contributed to the healing process of my alignment. Of the various treatments I have had: acupuncture; osteopathy; physiotherapy; and sports massage I have found Shiatsu to be the most helpful therapy. It has given me long term relief and sustainable results. I would highly recommended Shiatsu with Tracy.”

Ira, Student

“I’ve been having shiatsu with Tracy for neck & back ache and frozen shoulder for about 18 months. My treatment started with urgency due to the level of pains and aches but now I feel these regular sessions are a “very special treat” and help me to prevent the build-up of stress.  I feel so well looked after by Tracy, who is very knowledgeable and has such good intuition, giving me total trust; making the session a deeply relaxing experience.

I love Tracy’s holistic approach, linking the emotional to the physical and her attention, care and dedication, not only during the session, but also thinking how I can help myself by, kindly and patiently, showing me exercises that I can do in my own time to change bad habits with my posture. I highly recommend Tracy as a Shiatsu practitioner and I can only wish your experience with Shiatsu and Tracy to be as wonderful and helpful as mine has been.”  

Damaris, Campaign Worker

“Finding Shiatsu and receiving it from Tracy has been a life changing experience for me. The impact of shiatsu has been physical and emotional. It has strengthened my energy, increasing my self-confidence as a result. These changes have made a huge difference in how I feel about and deal with the debilitating effect that long term insomnia has on my body and mind”