Tracy Krikler - Shiatsu Therapist, Teacher, and Breathwork Facilitator

Contact me for support releasing pain or trauma, expanding awareness, and creating lasting change - to gain clarity, connection and greater sense of wellbeing.

"Tracy’s Shiatsu has a powerful but calming effect. She is reassuring, knowledgeable and clearly skilled. Her gentle but penetrating shiatsu has really helped me deal with serious pain.”

-Frances Orchover, Barrister


“I was new to shiatsu before I met Tracy. I had just relocated to London and the stress of moving country was taking its toll. I was finding myself lacking energy and feeling overwhelmed. The first session with Tracy was a revelation – I entered a very deep place of relaxation. It was as if all the stress and tension was being extracted from my body and Tracy was guiding my body to find its own place of repair and balance. I walked out of the session feeling renewed, more vital and energetic. Tracy has a refined and intuitive touch and is a truly talented practitioner. I have maintained fortnightly sessions for the last few months and I believe I wouldn’t have managed with this level of change in my life without her healing support. She has wonderful and unique gift.”

-Sandy Culkoff, London

“After a long period of emotional stress which had left me feeling depleted, lost, and depressed, I contacted Tracy for a shiatsu session.  I found her to be a quiet, still presence, who’s depth of experience was obvious as soon as she began my first treatment.  As I have continued to see her regularly, the low mood that had been my norm for a few years began to lift, and I found myself remembering, and reconnecting, with aspects of myself that I thought long gone.  After 5 months of fairly regular treatments I feel a renewed excitement for life, and my body feels free of many of the low level niggles and tensions that had accumulated during the preceding high stress years.  I would unreservedly recommend treatments with Tracy.”

-Kathy Evans, London

“The ongoing benefits that shiatsu has been having on me and my life are profound and on various levels. It calms and grounds my body while giving me a sense of physical expansion. The effect on my general wellbeing of a long history of not sleeping well,  has been eased by the shiatsu. I have not allowed it to worry me in the same way and now I can get on and do so much more in my life. My self-awareness and confidence have also deepened. I find Tracy’s approach consistently respectful, professional and knowledgeable. She is a good listener, intuitive, caring and helpful. Last by not least, she has a good sense of humour, which in my view, always helps.”

-Ana Garcia, London